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Sacred Web 2

Sacred Web 2


Editorial: The Importance of Spiritual Literacy
By M. Ali Lakhani
What is the relevance of spiritual literacy to our lives? How do Tradition and Modernity differ in their approaches to interpreting the world? The editorial deals with these questions and emphasizes the central role of traditional hermeneutics in defining the metier of man.     Read more ...

The Translucence of the Eternal: Religious Understandings of the Natural Order
by Kenneth Oldmeadow
"The modern mentality characteristically looks for solutions to our most urgent problems in the wrong places." How do Tradition and Modernity differ in how they view the "environment"? In this contribution to the debate on the "environmental crisis", and as an alternative to the "spectacular failure" of modern scientism to deal with this crisis, Dr. Oldmeadow turns our attention to some general principles informing traditional religious understandings of the natural order and the human place in it.     Read more ...

The Light of Traditional Faith amid the Shadowlands of Modernity
by John Ahmed Herlihy
"How is it possible that the light of faith can mean so much to traditional man and so little to modern man?" What is the relationship between faith and science, and what kind of faith underlies the premises of modernity? John Ahmed Herlihy discusses faith in relation to the worlds of matter and spirit, and argues for the relevance of faith for humanity.     Read more ...

Nature, Man and God
by Alvin Moore, Jr.
Following Eriugena’s schema of the fourfold division of Nature, the author explores the relationship between Man and God and the implications of this outlook for modern man. The author’s intention in this essay "is to offer certain major and accessible elements of a world view that is a very viable alternative to the sterile horizons of secular humanism in which so many of our fellows are imprisoned, without even suspecting that near at hand there may be means of escape".     Read more ...

by William Stoddart
In this revised version of a seminal essay that first appeared in 1991, Dr. Stoddart provides a classic and concise exposition of mysticism, drawing on the doctrines of each of the major traditions and demonstrating how, through their esoteric dimension, "all paths lead to the same summit".     Read more ...

The Ternary and the Quarternary
by Robert Bolton
There is a close relationship between mathematics and metaphysics, between numerical symbol and archetype. The Ternary and the Quarternary are two universal, numerically-based relationships which manifest archetypal relationships. Dr. Bolton explains these symbols and their significance in traditional metaphysics.     Read more ...

A Debate about Modernity: The Moment of Modernity
by David Appelbaum
Is Tradition guilty of a certain transcendental idealism? Does it romanticize the eternal by rejecting the now of modernity? In response to the editorial in Sacred Web 1, Professor Appelbaum argues the case for modernity. Citing Descartes as the father of modernity, the author refers to Descartes’ intention "to raze everything from my life" and explains how "the practice of momentary arrest is uniquely suited to ‘a world of increasing fragmentation and spiritual poverty’".      Read more ...

A Response to Professor Appelbaum’s "The Moment of Modernity"
by William W. Quinn
Are the criticisms of Tradition in Professor Appelbaum’s article valid? William W. Quinn argues the case for Tradition.     Read more ...

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