Sacred Web 1

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Sacred Web 1

Sacred Web 1


By M. Ali Lakhani
In this introduction to ‘Sacred Web’, the Editor contrasts the outlooks of Tradition and modernity, and outlines the raison d’être of the journal.     Read more ...

The Great Work is the Small Work
By Roger Lipsey
In a convivial setting beneath an open tea tent not far from Marrakesh, Dr. Lipsey reflects upon the objectives of the journal.

Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
By Seyyed Hossein Nasr
A tribute by Dr. Nasr to one of the great expositors of Tradition.

Tradition and Modernity
By Frithjof Schuon
"In the face of the perils of the modern world, we ask ourselves: What must we do?" This paper was previously published under the title "No Activity without Truth".     Read more ...

Metaphysics, Theology and Philosophy
By Kenneth Oldmeadow
What is meant by "metaphysics" within Tradition? Dr. Oldmeadow’s lucid analysis from his forthcoming book on Tradition explores this issue by contrasting metaphysics with theology and philosophy.

On the Pertinence of Philosophy
By Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Coomaraswamy’s essay distinguishes between the different meanings of "philosophy", defines the "First philosophy" of Traditional metaphysics, and considers the problem of "immortality".

Ancient Beliefs or Modern Superstitions: The Search for Authenticity
By Rama P. Coomaraswamy
By what criteria can we discern Truth? Are these criteria objective or subjective? The author examines the "belief systems’ of Tradition and modernity in this passionate plea for recourse to the "Ancient Teachings" of the great religious traditions.

On Earth as it is in Heaven
By James S. Cutsinger
This article tackles the "evolutionist controversy" and proposes a basis for the reconciliation of emanation and evolution. The author aims "to present an account of an evolving world ‘per ascensum’ fully consistent with the principles presupposed ‘per descensum’ by metaphysics and theology".

On Revelation, Initiation and Culture
By William W. Quinn
To what extent is it necessary to participate within a "Traditional organization" for the purposes of spiritual initiation, and can such a participation even occur within the conditions of modernity? The author examines these issues and contrasts the views of René Guénon and Coomaraswamy on this subject.

Modern Culture and Rising Entropy
By Robert Bolton
The scientific concept of ‘entropy’ has parallels in an older and universal metaphysical concept. In this insightful essay, the author applies the concept to modern culture in its various manifestations ranging from the domains of economics and politics to art and science, and the individual life.

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