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Sacred Web vol 50
Sacred Web 50


Sacred Web will cease publication after issue 50

Sacred Web is devoted to the study of Tradition and modernity. The journal aims to identify Traditional “first principles” and their application to the contingent circumstances of modernity.

Sacred Web is published bi-annually. Articles, reviews and letters to the editor can be emailed to the editor, .

"I am always delighted to receive the latest issue of Sacred Web because, so often, I come across such deeply revealing and enlightening articles, rich in content and diverse in subject matter."
        His Majesty King Charles III, as the former Prince of Wales

"Sacred Web provides scholarly and inspiring access to a form of spiritual understanding that is very little understood in our modern society but which is of the greatest importance for our time. Its varied and excellent articles give the reader an insight into the deeper dimensions of our contemporary problems, bringing to life and giving contemporary relevance to the issues of our day."
        Karen Armstrong,
        Professor at Leo Baeck College, and acclaimed author (“A History of God”)

"Along with Sophia, Sacred Web is the most important journal in the English language devoted to the study of tradition. Furthermore, it is unique in its interest in the consequences of confrontation between tradition and modernity, an issue which lies at the heart of so many aspects of the life of humanity today."
        Seyyed Hossein Nasr,
        University Professor of Islamic Studies, The George Washington University

"However deluged I am with incoming, time-consuming mail, I always find myself smiling and turning mental cartwheels when I find an issue of Sacred Web arriving. Its modest circulation belies the quality of every issue’s content."
        Huston Smith,
        Pre-eminent religious scholar and author of “The World’s Religions”